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Adopted (Placed) Saint Bernards 2019

Koda: is a 14 month old Great Dane that has learned how to be a puppy after being neglected for quite some time. He has gained some weight, was recently neutered, and is ready to be the king of his own castle! Koda LOVES to cuddle, curl up on the couch with you, chew on his stuffies, and play with other bigger dogs. He will need some training as he does jump up and doesn't know many commands yet, but he is house trained and does okay in a crate (although I would not recommend that for a long work day situation). He will need to be fed separately from other dogs (after being starved for so long he has some guarding issues with his food). Koda is a total couch dog, and is starting to show that puppy personality now that he has a full belly and knows he is safe. He is going to make someone very happy! Fenced yard required. All animals in the home must be fixed (definitely no exceptions) and we only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 4/15/2019

Lager: is officially available for adoption! He's had all the surgeries he needed and is ready to find his forever home. Lager is an absolutely stunning, massive, slobbery, hairy, face rolls having, convertible top down ridin', couch hogging, messy eating, half tailed, mostly toothless, snoring, mob causing, hotel room service loving, handsome, brute of a dog! Although he is 7 ish years old, he's still got a ton of life left in him and he really wants to be your lap sitting snuggle buddy. No really...he can never get close enough. He's house trained, and would definitely prefer someone that's home a lot or can take him to work. He does not enjoy being alone much, but will crate up if needed, although we've determined he's magic and can slip his 150 pound body through the 2 inch bar gap to end up on the couch when you get home. 🤷♀️ It's a mystery how it happens. Lager is excellent with kids, does well with dogs, but likes to be center of attention. Fine with cats. Enjoys the outdoors, but prefers to be wherever you are. If interested in adopting our gigantic smoosh bucket, apply at www.saintrescue.org. We only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID, all animals must be fixed, and he will require a fenced yard.4/15/2019

Norbert: is an amazing 5/6 ish year old male Saint Bernard. He is the most easy going dog we've ever had in rescue. He takes a little bit to warm up to new people. House trained, great with dogs, cats, and ADORES kids. He will play, but also likes to lay on your feet. Norbert is on thyroid medication, which will probably be a lifetime issue. He will need a thyroid test ran from time to time to ensure he's in the normal range. The medication we have him on currently is about $40 per month. Without this medication, he can get very lethargic and sick. Norbert also had two surgeries on his hip and the vet has cleared him, but he does currently limp a little. His last surgery was 5 months ago.4/15/2019

Angel: is 12yr old smooth coat female that we rescued from a local shelter after being dumped there by her owners. She is spayed, vaccinated, micro chipped, good with kids and other dogs and loves riding in the car. Angel is a sweet mellow girl that just wants to be loved and have her own forever home. 4/13/2019


Dakota: My name’s Dakota. I am a stunning 3 yr old spayed l/h female with lots of love to give. I am currently looking for a new family because I tend to be a little too playful around my toddler friend. I just can’t help myself…I love to jump, bark and run around fast when it’s playtime in the backyard and it’s too overwhelming for my little human who doesn’t like getting bumped, so I find myself in search of a new forever home. I am super sweet and don’t have a mean bone in my body, but I am best suited to live with sturdy kids 10 and up who can deal with energetic play with a large dog and an understanding parent who has the time and desire to supervise and provide some direction for me if needed. My current family loves me very much, but feels my life will be better in a home with a family that has more time to spend with me, helping me to reach my full potential. I know some basic commands but my training needs to be reinforced. I graduated from a novice obedience class and that was a proud moment for me (see my picture below!). I still need some work on the leash. I have met a few other dogs and I like them, especially my cousin dogs who come to visit. We have a lot of fun. I don’t like to be challenged by other dogs when I am on the leash, so introductions should be made carefully. I can get very lonely when left in the backyard alone for too long and I will let you know it by singing you the song of my people. I love and crave attention; I want all the snuggles. I am not a hyper dog, and am pretty laid back and lazy for the most part. I do good when left in the house alone, just keep the trash can and food out of reach…I tend to be an indiscriminating eater when the opportunity arises. My currently family realize that with the little kiddo, work and a big dog they got in a little over their heads and just want me to have everything I deserve. I am basically a typical Saint Bernard. Note: I will probably chase your cat—it’s fun! I haven’t been around any livestock, so I will need to be supervised around them. I am being fostered in Medford. I am UTD on shots, h/w neg, microchipped and spayed. 4/8/2019

Cuddles: and Kegger: Double the Love! are a bonded pair of 4yr old brothers who are looking for a home together. They love each others company and are a bit codependent. Cuddles is the sweetest little guy at 110lbs. He is happiest stretched out on top of you while you watch tv. He lives for hugs and makes the cutest little content sighs in your ear when he is being held. Cuddles is good around kids, but we think older kids would be a better fit due to Kegger’s vision disabilities. Kegger is a bigger boy at 130lb and bit more reserved at first, but once he has is surroundings and routine figured out and relaxes, he is just as much of a lover as Cuddles. Both boys are easy to handle, love outings and car rides, are good in public, friendly with people, good on the leash, know some basic obedience (Cuddles loves reward based training and is a quick learner. Kegger also enjoys training, but he is a bit more stubborn than his brother), are great for baths, nail trimmings, good with vets, ignored the cats they were introduced to, and raised around children. They are good with most dogs but Cuddles does want to be in charge of the canine crew as he feels responsibility to his brother. The perfect home for these boys would be where they are the only dogs so that they can have your full attention, but would do well in a home with an older female dog who doesn’t care about other dogs. They have done well around smaller dogs. These boys came from a home that didn’t have the means to take care of them properly and had a lot of acute health issues that we have been taking care of. They will require a home that doesn’t mind regular trips to the vet to make sure they are in tip top shape. Both boys are extremely allergic to fleas and must be kept on a flea control regiment and a good quality food to help prevent skin and ear issues. They are utd on shots, neutered, microchipped, and hw negative. 6 foot fence required. Their adoption fee is $750 and they are currently fostered in Portland. These boys deserve the best, as the last few years have not been the easiest for them. These boys are beyond special! 4/4/2019

Meet Winnie: is a 5 year old spayed female. Winnie is an absolute treasure! She is sweet and loving, just a big cuddle bug. She loves to be near people and is very social. She loves treats and will sit for a treat. She walks well on a leash and rides great in the car. She doesn’t beg for food, jump on counters or even really pay attention to food that is not her own. No chewing on anything that is not her own toys. She’s really well behaved! Unfortunately, Winnie doesn’t seem to like other dogs, so we are seeking out home where she can be the queen. We have no history of how she does with cats or livestock. Winnie is also excellent with children and plays very sweetly with them! Winnie is being fostered in Bellevue WA.4/3/2019

Belle: is a 6 year old spayed female Saint. She gets along well with her young Saint Bernard brother, and loves attention. She is well mannered, but does not like getting her nails clipped. Belle is a new addition to the rescue, and has been vaccinated and tested negative for heart worms. Prior owners indicated that she was good with cats and children, but we have not yet seen her in either situation. She is a sweet girl!8/1/2019

Edgie: Introducing Edgie is a fun-loving 5 1/2 yr old spayed long hair female. Edgie came to us when her owner could no longer care for her due to health problems. Edgie has spent most of her early years outside in a kennel so she has been learning the ropes of being a housedog. We are seeking out a home without other female dogs. She gets along with her male foster brother. She is learning about cats, but will need supervision and some additional training as she gets used to them. She is working on basic leash etiquette and housetraining. She likes car rides, people, walks, and is very inquisitive. Edgie has never been around small children and due to her size, would do best with teenagers and a home that has experience in training bigger adult breeds. Edgie is a beautiful, sweet girl looking for a family that can help her reach her full potential. She is spayed, microchipped, utd on shots, and heartworm negative. Edgie is being fostered in Portland area. 3/30/2019

Charly: is an approximately 6 year old girl looking for her forever home. Charly is a spunky thing with lots of energy! She absolutely loves car rides, and cuddles. She doesn't have great recall yet so a fenced yard is required. Charly came on the pack walk with us and did amazing! She was very excited and bouncing up and down like Tigger at first, but eventually settled into the walk. She loves everyone she meets. She has a little separation anxiety, but is getting better about being left alone. So long as she can see out the window, that seems to help her. If interested in adopting Charly, apply at www.saintrescue.org. All animals must be fixed, fenced yard required, and we adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 2/8/2019

Titan: Could you imagine being taken from a home that you were just recently placed in and dumped at the truck yard? Sadly that is what is happened to the sweet boy. Gateway guardian rescue in St. Louis stepped in and caught him and held him for the seven days. They were never able to contact the people that dumped him. He had been rehomed by his previous owners as they were moving out of state. But no worries now as now Titan Will never have to worry about being without a home again. This sweet but petite 2 1/2-year-old neutered male loves everyone he comes in contact with. He’s very silly and playful. He likes to jump around and park and play. He likes toys, he is house trained crate trained and good with other dogs. His adoption fee is $400 and he is looking for his forever home. Are you the one to take him home? 3/29/2019

Mozart: is a fun loving energetic young guy. He loves people, going for walks/jogs/hiking and loves. He likes to get his treats/Nyla bone and then he will immediately plop down on his bed for a good chew on his treat or bone. He is housetrained and doesn’t chew on anything other than his bones. Mozart was not well taken care of in his former home. He would have to scrounge for food at a market next to his home. Finally after enough complaints from the neighbors the Sherriff’s office took them from their owners and Mozart came to the rescue.3/28/2819

Hercules: aka Teddy is a 5 year old Saint Bernard. He is loving and playful and would do well with a family with children. He gets along well with the other dogs that he lives with but is too curious with cats. He is smart and listens well but at times can be like a petulant teenager and will throw himself on the ground if he doesn't want to do what he's told. He is neutered. More info and picture available upon request. Teddy's adoption fee is $300. If you are interested in adopting Teddy please fill out an application at adoption.3/27/2019

Bosley: is a 10 month old l/h neutered goofball Saint puppy looking for his forever home. Bosley came to rescue because his owner had too many dogs and Bosley wasn’t getting the training he needs. Like all puppies, he needs to work on his listening skills and can be a bit pushy when he wants his way, so he needs a consistent owner committed to his training. Bosley is housebroken, rides well in the car, loves attention, playing, being petted, treats, running outside and chewing on bones. He gets along well with other dogs, but would do best with non reactive dogs, since he is still in his huge-puppy stage. He is okay with cats but has been known to chase them. We do not know how he is with livestock. Bosley has been around kids ages 5 and up. He’s a bit stingy with his food, so that is something that will need to be worked on. Bosley is being fostered in Eugene, OR. 3/24/2019

Kingsley: is healthy, happy and ready to find his own castle! This boy has been through hell and come out the other side...he's ready for sunshine, green grass, and a servant to feed him, maybe some kiddos to run crazy in the yard with him ? Kingsley can be a little dominant with other dogs, so a submissive dog or no dogs is best. He doesn't care about cats. Fenced yard is needed. NOTE: Kingsley has Diabetes Insipidus. He will need medication and regular vet visits to test his urine (we recommend calling around to different pharmacies to find out the cost of the medication...currently we are paying between $65-$100 per month). Without the medication he will drink a LOOOOOTTTT of water and pee constantly, which makes his kidneys work overtime. He is used to a dog door and goes in and out as he needs. He can be scared of stairs. Kingsley is one of those very special souls that come around every so often and just affect everyone around them. He was almost starved to death and made an incredible comeback, and did it with such a happy attitude, constantly wiggling and wagging, happy to lean on and kiss anyone who gave him attention. Kingsley deserves nothing but the absolute best. I3/15/2019

Tony: Meet Tony! This sweet boy is looking for his furever home! Neutered, shots current, microchipped. Heartworm negative. Good with dogs, cats older children. Being fostered for Luck & Legends! Adoption fee $300. Adoption app and home check required! Located in Victoria, Tx.3/14/2019

Tonka: is a 3 yo neutered male rough coat. He was picked up as a stray in the same rural area on an opposite end of the county as Alex. He's been at the Rescata for 1 week. He's learning. We still have to go open a gate for him once he finds himself in the pasture w/ the horses. Another diamond in the rough.3/7/2019

Alex: is a 2 year old rough coat neutered male. Despite his bad beginnings he's still a super friendly pup. Tied up and left, Fly bite from heck on his nose and ears and a broken toe LR. This dog is the true epitome of a Rescue Saint... Dang happy to be alive. Looking for his forever home. Rescue Saint # 364.3/7/2019

Cinnamon: is a 6 year old spayed female l/h Saint Bernard. Cinnamon came to us in December from a neglect situation and has been getting her veterinary needs taken care of. She needed surgery to repair an umbilical hernia, spay, dewclaw removal, and some sebaceous cysts removed and treatment for a sinus infection. She has gained some weight but has a ways to go. Cinnamon is utd on shots, micro-chipped, heartworm negative and ready to start her new life. She is a sweet girl who likes other dogs, she has been exposed to cats with no problems and is good with kids. She is a bit fearful of strange men but warms up after a bit. She does well in the car but sometimes can be a little stubborn about getting in and out. She has done well on public outings. Cinnamon was bullied by another female dog she was kenneled with and is on the submissive side. She has separation anxiety when left alone, but as long as she has canine company she seems to do well. 3/4/2019

Otis: is a 17 month old rough coat male that was surrendered to us by his owners because they are in the military and are being transferred over seas. He is a sweet goofy pup that loves attention, is house trained, good with other dogs and loves riding in the car. Otis is vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped. Being he is young boy we recommend children ten or older plus some basic obedience training. 2/28/2019

Mia: is a sweet 4-5 year old gal who is an all around gem. She is dog, cat and kid friendly. House trained and is learning to walk nicely on a leash. A kind family in Texas (who uses to live in IL) pulled her from a high kill shelter. We were asked if ISBR would take her and place her in her forever home. She is vetted and microchipped. She will require heartworm prevention monthly for life. Her adoption fee is $400. She will require some basic obedience upon adoption.2/27/2019

King: is a gorgeous 4 year old Great Dane looking for his forever home. He would like a home where he is either the only dog, or is with a female dog (NO male dogs). He is house trained and will nudge you and put his nose on you to let you know he needs to go potty. King is a big couch potato and loves to sleep in the same room as his people. He does fine with men, but definitely prefers women. King does well with kids too. He would like someone who is home a lot, but does fine when left alone. He does fine with cats inside, but will chase them outside. King is a sweet boy and is looking for a lap to lay in. All animals in the home MUST be fixed, fenced yard required and we adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 2/26/2019

Bowser: This 11-12 month old came to us after his family could no longer keep him due to his size. He is house trained and crate trained. He LOVES other dogs and people. He has not been tested with cats. He is altered and up to date on vaccines and looking for his forever home. His adoption fee is $400. He would make a great addition to any home. Please fill out an application online to start our process and make this guy a permanent addition of your home! Basic obedience is required within 6 months of adoption. 2/22/2019

Summer: is a 3 yr old smooth coat female that we rescued from a local shelter after her owners dumped her there.  Summer is a sweet pup that loves attention, belly rubs, good with other dogs big or medium size, house trained, and great in the car. No small animals and do to her size no children under the age of 15. She is vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped.  She has started her obedience training at my trainers but we recommend that her new family continue with the training.2/22/2019

Kane: a 4yr old rough coat male that was owner surrender at a local shelter on April 16 and was eligible for euthanasia on April 30 so we rescued him on the 28th after being notified that he was there. As you can see from pictures he has a terrible skin condition that will need medical attention right away. When we picked him up as you can see in the picture he nestled himself in the comforter in the back of my SUV and slept all the way to our vet. My vet is running tests on him but so far he has Hypothyroidism and possible entropion in both eyes. He also needs to be neutered. He is skin and bones being he is at least 50lbs under weight. He will need to stay at the vets until we can find a foster for him. So if you are interested in fostering him you must live in Orange County, CA area, be experienced with the breed, have the time to give him medicated baths and take him to the vet. Also until we know him better no small children or other dogs and must have a 6ft fenced backyard. Please email at cmdiiullo@sbcglobal.net 2/22/2019

Hank: is a 1 yr old soon to be neutered male Saint Bernard. Hank is most interested in playing and having a good time. He is a high energy Saint puppy. Hank is good with other dogs but some may be overwhelmed by his size and outgoing personality. He has not been around cats. Hank is house broken, likes car rides, has been around kids but still has puppy qualities such as mouthiness and being a bit pushy, so we would recommend older dog-savvy kids. He is a bit barky, especially when meeting new people but comes around quickly. He loves to cuddle and attention. He will need to learn basic training but is a wonderful boy. Hank will be neutered, UTD on vaccines, has had his rear double dewclaws removed, micro-chipped and is heartworm negative. Hank is currently being fostered in Medford. 2/19/2019

Bear: is a 4-6 year old male Saint, looking for his forever home. Typical Saint, Bear just wants attention and love from his people. Bear has been a very loved member of his family and this is not an easy decision for them. He is house trained, and just a cuddle bug. 6 foot fence required as if he gets out he will take off. Bear loves to sit in your lap if you let him ♥ Bear gets along with dogs and kids. Unknown on cats. He does fine while his owners are at work and likes to close himself in the bathroom, it's his personal den. Bear will get into the trash if he's able to. 6 foot fence absolutely required (NO exceptions), all animals in the home must be fixed, and we only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 2/18/2019

Heidi: is a 5 year old spayed female l/h Saint Bernard. She came to rescue because of her owner’s health issues. Heidi is the sweetest. She is good with everyone and everything that she has met so far. She currently weighs about 129lbs but should probably put on another 5-10 pounds. She doesn’t have any bad habits, but is about 95% house trained. Heidi has had puppies in the past. She knows most basic commands and is eager to learn and very responsive. She does well in public, rides well in the car, enjoys walks and being a house dog hanging out with her people. Heidi would love a couch and a bed to share. She is good at the vet. She can be a little shy at first but is enjoying hanging out with all her dog friends at OSBR. Good with other dogs, but will challenge some males when introduced. This tends to level out after she gets to know them and she is quite gentle with them. She has not been around cats, but think she would be fine with some guidance. She is good with older children, but has not been tested with toddlers. Heidi has a sebaceous cyst on her back that is benign. Heidi is spayed, UTD on shots, micro-chipped, heartworm negative. She is being fostered in Portland. 2/17/2019

Mac: this 8 years old, great with other dogs, very sweet and loves attention. He's good for walks has learned how to walk nicely on the leash, and likes to go for car rides. Mac is house trained and will follow you from room to room. Sadly Mac was returned due to severe allergies in the family. This sweet old man is just looking for a place to rest his head for the rest of his days. Are you that home? For more information or to adopt the sweet guy, 2/16/2019

Beasley: My name is Beasley. I am a very loving 4 yr. old neutered male Saint Bernard. I love to follow my master wherever he goes, especially in the car. I'm unhappy if there is another boy dog in the house, however girl dogs are great. I have to leave my best friend (my master) because I was bad to his older boy dog. He tells me that he still loves me but I am now not allowed near his other male dog. You can see in the picture that I was not always bad with him. We were friends most of the time. We played in the water and drank from the hose. I guess I should be an only dog, or in a home with only girl dogs, so I won't get into trouble again. I promise that I will be a good boy. I just want to be loved. The vet says that I am very healthy. My hair is so soft and colorful. Everyone that knows me likes me. Can I come to your house2/16/2019

Dina: This is Dina. She is a 4 year old spayed female. She is housebroken and obedience trained. She loves to get cuddles and kisses. 2/16/2019

Kona: This is Kona. 2 year old spayed female. Very sweet. Likes to be the only dog. Loves to watch television. 2/16/2019

Kelly: This is Kelly. A 1 1/2 year old long haired, spayed female. She was rescued from the abuse case with Lola and Bubbles. She does not like any other dogs. She is very sweet and loves to play with toys and tennis balls.2/16/2019

Lola: This is Lola.  She is a 2 year old long haired spayed female. She was taken from a severe abuse case and is very sweet. She is not friendly to other dogs except for the 2 saints who were taken with her. They are Bubbles and Kelly. She is looking for a forever home.2/16/2019

Sugar: is a 6 year old spayed female Saint. She is a big, sweet girl. Sugar has lived in a pen most of her life. She is strong and needs training. Sugar is good with other dogs but can be dominant with other females. She has not been around cats and would not be a fit with smaller animals. She is good with kids. Sugar is h/w neg, microchipped, spayed and utd on shots. 2/12/2019

Tanner: is a 9yr old neutered male. He is a big boy at 185lbs. Tanner spent most of his life as an outdoor dog and is loving living in the house with his people. Tanner loves attention, especially from the ladies. He has the perfect Saintly temperament and is good with everyone (except chickens). Tanner has a few health issues that need to managed due to his age and weight and he will be adopted by his foster family, where he is loved by all and can offer love, comfort, quiet presence and companionship to the incoming foster dogs. 2/12/2019

Butch: Meet Butch! He is a gorgeous 2 1/2-3 year old Mastiff/Saint Bernard mix. He is great with kids and other bigger dogs (small dogs unknown). But absolutely positively NO CATS OR CHICKENS. Butch can be a little destructive if left alone and nothing to do. He has never been crated. Butch is a total sweetheart and pretty mellow (except when he sees cats and chickens). 2/7/2019

Reggie: is a 1 1/2 year old female Saint Bernard mix (no idea on the mix). She weighs about 100 pounds. It was clear she had puppies before she came to us, but she is now spayed! Reggie loves other dogs, cats, and kids. She really needs a younger playful bigger dog in her new home to wrestle with. Reggie is house trained, crate trained, and does fine when her fosters go to work during the day. Reggie is a cuddler, and just the sweetest pupper ever. Everyone who meets her just loves her, and she loves them. 1/31/2019

Margo: Sweet Margo found herself in ISBR when her previous families other dog decided to start attacking her. Recently adopted from another shelter , that shelter has no room so Illinois Saint Bernard Rescue stepped in to make sure no harm came to her. She is believed to be about 12-18 months old. She is very sweet and LOVES to snuggle on the couch or in your bed at night. She is good with other dogs, does like to play but will entertain herself with toys . Up to date on vaccines as well as spayed and microchipped. She is great with other dogs and lives to play. 1/27/2019

Scully: is a 2 year old female Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix who is looking for her forever home. Scully is a super sweet girl. She is shy and a little timid and takes a while to warm up to strangers but once she does, she likes to cuddle on your lap. Scully is looking for a new home after a domestic break up. She has lived with kids, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and all sorts of other small animals with no issues. Scully has some anxiety, as she has been through a lot of changes. Her ideal home would be a home with someone who works part time, is retired or works from home. She is young and needs a master who will help her build up her confidence. Scully needs a fence at least 6 feet tall with no foot holds. She is pretty masterful at escaping especially when she is stressed out. Scully is crate trained, UTD on shots, microchipped and spayed. Scully is being fostered in Portland, OR. Can you give Scully the forever home she desperately needs? 1/18/2019

Bonnie: is a sweet dog, she get's along with other dogs, not sure about cats. We think she is mixed with a shepherd but not sure. She has been spayed, had all her shots and is heart worm free. She needs leash training . The adoption fee includes a Free nights obedience class in the Reno/ Sparks/ Carson Tahoe area. All shots, heart worm test/ spay/ saint info packet, micro chip/ free bag of dog food. . (Note: we do Not adopt out dogs from 12-1- to `12-31. Due to the Holiday's.1/14/2019

Ryan: Is 1 1/2 yrs old. He loves to play, he is a very active dog, and get's along with other dogs. He needs Obedience training, and a person who can handle a large/ bouncy dog. ( he will be having his vet work up and will be available Starting Nov. 20th. ( Note: Due to the Holiday's we Do Not adopt out dogs from Dec. 1st, to Jan 1st) The adoption fee includes all shots, heart worm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of dog food. Our adoption fee is $400.00 and we are located in Reno, NV.. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption application. 1/14/2019

Bonnie: is an approximately 6 month old puppy. She looks like what I imagine a Saint Bernard/Corgi mix would look like. She's short, smaller and has Saint Bernard coloring and droopy eyes. Bonnie is a naughty little typical puppy who loves to chew shoes, loves to drag the bathroom rug out every chance she gets, takes things outside, etc. If you aren't prepared to work on puppy behavior, don't bother with this one! Bonnie loves other dogs and absolutely needs one in her new home, preferably a playful one. She can be a little timid and can startle easily so younger children are not recommended. When I first met Bonnie, she would not leave the corner of her kennel at the shelter, and the staff had to pick her up to take her out. Bonnie has come out of her shell quite a bit, but still has a little ways to go. She will require a fenced yard, all animals in the home must be fixed, and we only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 1/13/2019

Becky: comes from a very, very loving home and because of family changes, she needs a new forever home. Becky loves 20 minute walks, leaning on humans, staring deeply into your eyes and then burping softly into your face a meat and basil smell because she stole the lasagna from the counter. Becky can be found trying to sit on your lap, lay on your bed, or watching you shower. Her likes are a pumpkin puf-a-lump from the early 90’s, Queen & Gary Clark, and interrupting my personal bathroom time. Becky is great with my kids and other dogs, though she really prefers alone time with that damn puf-a-lump. Becky is patient, kind, and loyal and some might say, even a little clingy. She enjoys dress up, car rides, and the occasional game of chase the squirrel. Becky uses her good looks to get what she wants and we have never seen her pay for her drinks or puppacinos at Starbucks. If you’re in the market for a beautiful, potty trained, new best friend (though I’ve caught her snap chatting about other dogs) . All animals in the home must be fixed, fenced yard required, and we only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, Idaho.1/13/2019

Tina: is a 5 yo spayed female smooth coat. She got dumped in rural GA and was cared for by a family w/ small children for a couple of months before they found Saint Bernard Rescue. They wanted to keep her but could not. Tina is one the sweetest Saints I have taken into rescue in a very long time. She loves kids and is very laid back.1/13/2019.

Reggie: is roughly 18 month old male who is a true gentle giant. He loves to play with other dogs. He is house trained and good with cats. He does play rough with his human and canine playmates but can be taught correct play with some training. He will require basic obedience upon adoption as he is VERY STUBBORN. Reggie is such a sweetie and would make a nice addition to almost any home. His adoption fee is $400. He has been fully vetted for the year as well as microchipped. He must receive monthly heartworm medication for life. 1/8/2019

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