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Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.



Saralyn Smith




We require all our adopted saints to be primarily indoor dogs. Our Adoption fee is $375.00 USD.  They have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and are on Heartworm prevention and flea and tick control.

Notes from the Rescata

Yeti: is a 5 yo neutered male rough coat. His owner is seeking to rehome him. They feel he will do better in a home with no other dogs and no small children. Yeti is located in the Huntsville AL area. 11/11/2018
Tina: is a 5 yo spayed female smooth coat. She got dumped in rural GA and was cared for by a family w/ small children for a couple of months before they found Saint Bernard Rescue. They wanted to keep her but could not. Tina is one the sweetest Saints I have taken into rescue in a very long time. She loves kids and is very laid back. 11/11/2018

Tonka: is a 3 yo neutered male rough coat. He was picked up as a stray in the same rural area on an opposite end of the county as Alex. He's been at the Rescata for 1 week. He's learning. We still have to go open a gate for him once he finds himself in the pasture w/ the horses. Another diamond in the rough. 8/16/2015

Alex: is a 2 year old rough coat neutered male. Despite his bad beginnings he's still a super friendly pup. Tied up and left, Fly bite from heck on his nose and ears and a broken toe LR. This dog is the true epitome of a Rescue Saint... Dang happy to be alive. Looking for his forever home. Rescue Saint # 364. 8/1/2015

Contact: Saralyn Smith, DVM sesdvm@windstream.net